Kaspersky AV Bug?

Yesterday I did my regular daily update of my Kaspersky AV and when it was finished installing it asked me to reboot the system as a new software security update had been installed , however I was busy doing other things so I didnt reboot I continued working and switched the PC off later on. Then a couple of hours later when I tried to access the internet IE refused to work at all. I could connect to the ADSL line but any web pages would refuse to load and " failed to find server " error messages kept appearing. My mate steve (also on Kaspersky) had exactly the same problem , so I contacted my ISP to have them check the ADSL line out in case it was the local upgrading that was the fault, no it was all OK. Definitely a software problem. I checked everything out and could find nothing. So I removed and reinstalled Kaspersky AV and hey presto the problem was gone , then I updated it again and rebooted and everything seems fine. Ive just completed a full system scan and thats fine too. Anybody else had this problem ?. Or just me and steve. If you havn`t updated today yet beware.

It’s windows propobly :S i seen more bizare things

Blah. Kaspersky is too intrusive for me, and too slow/bulky as well. Lots of AV software nowadays likes to hook the TCP/IP stack directly. Thankfully NOD32 lets me disable that with a quick checkbox. I imagine that Kaspersky would as well. There’s no reason for your AV program to monitor all your TCP/IP traffic, that’s ridiculous.

I still like the good old’ 4.5 of Kaspersky.
Very light and very fast.

Yeah, like AVG6 - uber light, uber fast, catches lots. I don’t know why the latest versions of all of these AV programs became so bulky and horrid.