I know that you can’t advise on illegally downloaded music but I also have some legally downloaded kareoke songs that I would like to convert to dvd or whatever format it takes to facilitate showing the lyrics on my TV screen. Any suggestions or, better yet any solutions?

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I think this part of thr forum is aimed at discussing legal issues and music donwloads (legal vs. illegal & our feelings towards RIAA for example. Seems like you need help with an issue regarding burning.

Have a feeling this will end up in the General Recording Forum or Audio Forum, tough choice here.

People there will gladly help you. What writing software do you have available to you now? I would be surprised if you had Nero that it be incapable.

Thank you, xtacydima, for your response. I used the built in burner that comes with windows nt but also have Nero. I will try again with Nero but doubt that they have a video function in their program. I’ll try through another forum for info on this kind of conversion but if Nero has it, thanks for suggesting I look at my own equipment! lol