How do I copy cdg’s (karaoke disks) using clone cd???
:o tis very embarrassing not to know this!!! please any help would be very much appreciated:D :bow:

By just using the multimedia or audio profile.

I closed your other post by the way.

I’ve tried multi media, and also audio, but with no luck. I have made sure all defaults are reset, is there anything I can check on them to see it’s al set up properly?? Or is there anything else that could be causing it not to work?:confused:

right finally sussed it!!! using multimedia, it copied 9 out 0f 12 disks, using the preset defaults, but the remaining 3 disks, I had to slow down the read and writing speed, otherwise it would only copy the audio, not the karaoke words. Thanks for your help anyway:D

Can you copy/past the specs of your reader and writer ?

CloneCD puts a nice list of info on the right when you use them.
You can copy/past that information into a new post.

Perhaps your cdwriter and/or reader isn’t capable of reading/writing cd+g cd’s.

>I’ve tried multi media, and also audio, but with no luck.

what does this mean exactly?