Karaoke DVD - Swap Audios

I’m trying to rip Karaoke Songs from 2 DVD tiles and combine to one:

1st DVD title:Audio 1: Singer+Music; Audio 2: Music Only
2nd DVD title: Audio 1: Music Only; Audio 2: Singer+Music

I use DVDShrink to extract my favorite songs to DVD files from the two DVD titles and use DVD2One to join them together.

As a result, when I play the song which is extracted from the 2nd DVD title, I need to change the audio from Audio 1 to Audio 2 in order to listen Singer+Music.

Actually, I want the whole DVD to be Audio 1:Singer+Music and Audio 2:Music Only.

How can I “swap” the Audio during the extraction/encoding of the songs in the 2nd DVD title so that Audio 1:Singer+Music and Audio 2:Music Only?

Please help…


Sorry, but here is no simple automatic way of doing that (well not that I’m aware of). It would be a long job of extracting each “song” separately, demuxing, using an audio editor to swap audio tracks, save, re-mux and then author it all.