Karaoke discs



I have tried without success to copy a karaoke cd.The soundtrack is perfect but alas no graphics(pretty useless I agree).
Am I correct in thinking that these discs are made in CD+Graphics format and more importantly how are they copied?
Any advice would be gratefully received.


Try to copy these socalled enhanced CD’s with Discjuggler or NTI CDmakerpro.


And of course, they can be cloned.


Hey make sure your burner can read/write cd+G tracks
Yamaha, HP and a few others can. Alot of burners cant though. www.mtu.com have a list of what burners are best for cd+g tracks


Use CDRWin or CloneCD with an appropriate burner (HP/Sony/Some Plextor etc.)
When using CDRWin, make sure you don’t forget to check the CD+Graphics checkbox.