Karaoke backup sound but no words?

I am trying to backup a Karaoke disc (CD) using nero and a disc to disc copy,it copies fine but when I play it onlt plays the music no words??

isn’t that what kareoke means?

has music, no words so u can sing to it?

I don’t really know if Nero is able copying karaoke cds but CloneCD will do the job in combination with the right CDRW/DVDRW. Simply use Nero Info Tool to get the needed information.

What profile should I use for Karaoke CDs?

Karaoke-CDs are multimedia CDs. So the 'multimedia’profile is the best choice. Please attend to the fact that reader and writer have to be able to handle CD-text and 96 bytes subchannel data to copy karaoke-CDs.

Thanks will explain that to the kids

Thanks will give it a try.

You have to have a burner that will burn the words…I had the same problem…not all of them will …It has to say in the specs that it will copy CD+G’s…I bought a plextor for that reason…most of them have CD+G’s in the specs but not all…I have the 48X24X48 Plextor…You use the CD-R to record on…I backed up 350 karaoke cd’s and never had a problem …Clone CD did a wonderful job and it is so easy anyone can do it…You just click on read and then burn…

Where do I get a plextor from. I need to back up my karaoke cds

Hi tolia1010, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

You need a reader/burner that will support CD+G (karoke format discs).

What drive(s) do you have? Load up Nero InfoTool, and see whether the CD+G box is checked for it/them.

Quite a few drives support this format, not just Plextor (I use a Samsung SH-S162L which supports them).

So just let me know what your drive(s) are.

Also, if you don’t have it, CloneCD is good for backing them up :wink:

Edit: InfoTool screenshot: