Kapersky X-MAS Package

2 years of Kapersky Internet Suite for the price of 1. Great Deal on the best A/V-Firewall and evrything protection you will ever own.

Wooo, thanks for that Alan. I’ll persuade my mum to dig out her credit card on Tuesday :wink:

Edit: says on the website that it’s 2 copies of the same software for the price of one copy, just to clarify :wink:

Thanks Alan - that looks like a good deal. :slight_smile:

Actually it looks like a ‘2 for one’ offer where it’s 2 copies of the suite (each having a 1 year licence), rather than a single suite with a 2 years’ licence… as far as I can make out. Or have I got something mixed up. :confused:

Still a good deal though! :iagree:

I spotted the same thing and edited :smiley: - glad it’s not just me reading that.

Still a very good deal as you say :iagree:

I have gotten Kaspersky for 1 year for free off a computer magazine CD. :slight_smile:
Other anti virus software is occasionally free too.

That’s 'cos you’re German, and lucky :smiley:

Hey Arachne…Du bist wilkommen hehe :kiss:

but, someone just posted this for ya …a free 1 year trial of [B]ca[/B] at http://home3.ca.com/SubscriptCenter/MSTrialRegistration.aspx

(I´ll be back in a jiffy to edit the credit!)

[B]Edit[/B]: it came from jhtalisman :flower: in the free downloads thread…a few minutes ago

Ive been using Kaspersky for years, definitely recommended, last year everyone i know (using various AV’s) got hit with an MSN virus, Kaspersky caught it.