Kapersky/Outlook/Internet cleanup

Hello All,
I have two questions.
First I can’t seem to click on links in Outlook since I have downloaded Kapersky virus software. I have tryed to hold down the ctrl key, but it still freezes or takes it’s time.
Second, what are some top software out there for deleting history, temp files etc in Internet Explorer, as this takes some time since Kapersky as well.
Thank you

Try and download it again, I have used Kapersky Internet Security Suite 6.0 for awhile now and have had no prblems. As for the software for deleteing temps and history you could try Ace Utilities 3.1.409 or Registry Mechanic, they all do mostly all of the things you have asked.


Best/safest I have found so far is CCleaner - free - at www.ccleaner.com-

Really cleans up the crap-eh!

Yes, as bigmike7 said, CCleaner is defenetly the way to go :bow:

I have only used it for about two month now, and began to use it after reading alot of recommendations from trustworthy people, and i’m really glad that i decided to try it out, as it simply rules. A program this great which also is free is nearly to good to be true, but of course to support further development, one should donate an affordable amount to the author. The program both cleans the registry and also all the left-over crap from all your apps + temp files, cookies etc. It can also clean out all those uninstall files from the installed hotfixes and such. Also it’s possible to adjust the settings so that some specific cookies dosen’t get deleted during the cleaning, so e.g. cdfreaks and the other forums one visits still will remember you after the cleaning. I would seriously recommend everyone who hasen’t tried his great app out yet, to give it a try…