Kapersky Internet Suite 6.0

I am looking for some feedback on this program. If anyone uses it please let me know what your opinion of it is. Is it invasive? Does it do what it claims? Any feedback would be appreciated. Price is not an issue here, performance is.

It is the best by fAR.

I have to tell you, I am really impressed with this program, it asks me if my e-mails are spam or not and then configures it, it is updated every minute if you want, this proggy is the real deal.

I orig used Norton for several years until my machine was infected and Norton could not handle it nor their poor support.
KIS 6.0 is an all in one and can be bought for about 40% off the normal price at Newegg.com
Kaspersky has constant updates and runs very light, since I began using it my ad and spyware programs became useless as KIS worked so well.
They also have an excellant forum with great folks who really know their stuff.
I would suggest you take the free 30 day trial, thats how I started and they won me over.

Well i have to tell you, they have won me over, I can’t believe after my first scan my computer is booting at least 30 seconds faster, I am going to delete all those Spybots and Adawares, because with this they are not needed. I am truely impressed.

Kapersky makes great stuff. They also have the fastest response time for new viruses.

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