Kalisto takes a bow for Sega

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"Sega has offered us stock options to stop releasing DC, so this will be it, our last release. Thanks to all who have…

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I think they’re after some stock options from Sony now

If you recieve such stock, would this uncover your operations?

Besides this piracy was selling more DC equipment.

I am so pissed off about Kalisto leaving the scene (assuming they’e telling the truth).

I just don’t understand why Sega would give them freakin stock options! Wouldn’t you think they would be arrested instead?

I just hope they are taking another break. My guess is they’ll be back in 16 hours, just like the last one


It could be a trap.

if they take the shares it could be argued as an admission of guilt in court!

if they stand in court and say they are not the pirates then sega can prosecute for fraud and theft!


In all my 16 years of cracking I never even heard something like this. I heard some people we ‘bought’ to develop software protections systems… but stock ???
If it’s true… they did a hell of a job.

stocks in sega, they are worth nothing in a few years
Sega should do what they do best: making arcade gamez for other consoles like psx2 or x-box

In one word: ENTRAPMENT

There fools if they agree to that because they will be admitting guilt and that is the easiest way to get arrested…

Shame, I thought they had more brains than that but what would you expect from greed…

God damn, Sega was clever with this one. Those guys are rich soon!

I gotta learn programming and cracking DC games, maybe I can get stock options too !

I don’t believe it.
If this is true they never made it public

If they bow for Sega in what direction did they bow?

so i guess they’re going to change their name.

what a lot of crap !

what would sega gain by giving kalisto money ?..all the other groups will carry on and the situation remains exactly the same except sega are worse off !.

Also they say STOCK OPTIONS…well there are usually strings applied to stock options,and if i were sega i would specify …if one dc game is released …no stock…or one thousand other stipulations…its all crap, Kalisto are and always have been full of it.

kalisto gone - echelon appear…what a surprise,the self boot code is the same on their releases and altered code is written in the same style using the same ftps to release the games etc…etc…etc…blah blah blah

Raise yer hand if you think that they’ll be back in secret later.

one hand up from me

If they bend over for SEGA.


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