Kaleidescape in a fight for "Fair Use" rights!



Can You Legally Rip a DVD? Trial to Test ‘Fair Use’

On Wednesday, a key copyright trial began in San Jose, as Kaleidescape Systems and the DVD Content Control Association went to court in a case expected to test the concept of “fair use”.

This is going to be a good case for folks like us to keep an eye on. Right now, (at least in the US) the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, trumps our Fair Use rights. If a content is encrypted, we can’t crack it to rip a file. It IS absolutely legal to copy a purchase if it did not have any protection to begin with. Thanks to the 1984 Betamax decision.

This case with Kaleidescape speaks to the issue at hand of the shackles on our digital purchases and the chilling effect it can have on technology. Let’s hope that Kaleidescape can win this one. fingers crossed :bow: