Kaleidescape Discussion

Hi folks, I saw the recent discussion about Kaleidescape in the support list thread from the S&V review. So, I’m on that has taken down my longstanding DIY server/ripping setup and replaced it with a Kaleidescape and Apple TV since almost 2 years ago now.

I’m pretty well versed on both solutions and happy to answer any questions and engage discussion about Kaleidescape here if folks are interested, so starting a new thread for it.

To kick things off, here are some of the reasons I made the decision:

  1. Kaleidescape now has ~400 more titles in 4k than have been or are scheduled to be released on disc. Discs overall are a waning technology and I’m not hopeful for their future compared to digital releases.
  2. Kaleidescape is not limited to disc fixed sizes. Since many movies come on BD66 4k discs, they are capped. Kaleidescape can encode as they like for the download. This leads to things like Avengers Endgame being a 100GB+ download and many many titles, both HD and 4k, being larger/higher bit rate.
  3. Convenience and simplicity of just having it all work without manually managing every title I want to load/watch on my system. It just works factor. Family can use it without trouble.
  4. A variety of miscellaneous things like early release access, no reliance on ripping software, risk of new AACS levels blocking ripping, total loss of local NAS array, and so on.

Kaleidescape has weaknesses to of course, but I found more pros than cons. I run a Strato/Terra in my theater room with an Apple TV and just an Apple TV in my living room now (plus gaming systems).

Do Kaleidescape purchases also grant MoviesAnywhere or other online codes like a physical purchase? I ask because I could see instances where I might want to take a movie on the road.

Not at the moment. They used to be part of UV, but of course that went away. Kaleidescape has not been able to get traction to being an MA partner. So, that is one weakness of the platform.

I tend to films on which I care about quality with Kaleidescape and then also leverage Apple TV/iTunes in parallel (given their ubiquitious $4.99 sales) or for less critical content.

If you don’t mind me asking, who did you purchase your Kaleidescape through? I’ve seen some used ones and have been tempted, but might look at going through a retailer for warranty purposes.

I’ve sent you a PM with a dealer contact.

Buying used is a viable option to get in, just need to be careful as sometimes invalid/stolen units turn up on eBay and the like. You can check the Marketplace section of the www.kscapeowners.com as a more reliable source of used devices.

But check with the dealer referral I sent too.

FYI, this could help some folks learn more about Kaleidescape.

This may be a better link to the full half hour video.

I have looked at the Kscape system and find it attractive but not in my budget. My favorite feature of theirs that I wish Apple would add is the bookmark/playlist capability. That is, when I have guests and want to show-off the HT I tend to grab this disk and that disk and play this scene and that scene and a concert song and…well it applears Kscape can let you set up an “entertainment hour” in advance and just let it play. If my ATV4K could do that (and would allow for 4k downloads) I would lose my lust for Ksystem.

Scenes are a really great feature for quick revisiting of parts of movies and demo’ing.

A new Kaleidescape overview interview/video posted.