Kai tracid: Trance & Acid + LiteOn w/ VS08

When inserting into a Toshiba 1612, it behaves exactly like Key2Audio V2 (Shakira), i.e. ripping with ISO-Buster is no problem, but the LiteOn @VS08 doesn’t recognise the disc :frowning:

Which Key2Audio Version does that one have?

Alex I want to make you one question: with EAC do you use your liteon to extract or the dvd reader?
If you use the liteon, do you let the c2 options disabled?

Is there a program that can use the c2 error detection reliably with liteons for music extraction?

I always try all my drives for extraction.

cdda2wav can reliably use C2 error information to improve the rip quality (use the -paranoia option then). But for “Grönemeyer: Mensch”, it didn’t report any timing/sync issues.

Alex today I tried to limit the extraction speed at 24x in EAC, and see if I could remove the sync issues which occurs with the c2 error detection option enabled (remember? I’ve reported this some days ago in the Liteon forum). Well this time I’ve ripped 3 different cds, each one 5-6 different times, and the result was that the obtained wavs were identical (equal CRCs)!! So it seems that reducing the maximum extraction speed really helps with EAC and liteon writers (at least with 48125w fw VSO8)! Now I’m trying to limit the speed at 32x and the results are, up to now, perfect, but I’ll keep testing…if you could confirm me this “discovery”… :slight_smile:

For that Grönemeyer, I get spinups and spindowns all the time, unless I set speed to 4x.

But we get off topic… i’m still interested in kai tracid issue…