My friend has the Pioneer Dual Layer burner and he tried making a backup copy of his Criterion Kagemusha. AnyDVD didn’t spot any problems with the disc and DVDdecrypter burned the copy with no issues either. However, when he went back to play the copy on his DVD player, it skipped and pixelated all over the place. He though he had a bad blank and did another one. Same problem. :a

Does anyone know if Criterion is using a new type of CSS encryption on their releases? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

This disc was backed up without any problem to a single dvd…your problem is most likely with the burner and the media for dl…my friend even cut it in half, with each disc holding 1 1/2 hours, while keeping the commentary and the menus at 100%…have you try burning it to a single disc? If that works, then you know where your problem lies…

I just might wind up putting it on two discs. Here is the strange thing: my friend, the one doing the backups, tried a backup on a DL disc of Fahrenheit 9/11 and Black Hawk Down SE afterwards and had no problems with those. Very strange.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: