Does anyone knows how i can tune up my cable modem from UPC...


take a look at: http://fuckupc.n3.net/
But!: it only works for your upstream!! (16 kb/s ----> 150 kb/s or so)


Go to www.satx.rr.com
and follow the links to “tips and tweaks”, and there is a huge list of tweak sites.
Got mine running well, but some tweaks require your digging in the registry,
too scary for me!


thnkx dudes

Greetz Madmax


does anybody knows some tricks for Telenet modems (Belgium Cable provider)



I use casema (wanadoo cable) does anybody know some tricks to fuck them.



Everybody loves cdfreaks even the telegraaf (dutch newspaper). The link posted on UPC modems is in the computer section. It says that UPC will fix the “problem” in a few days.