K probe?

no matter how much i read i dont understand k probe.when it goes bad and the graph is high like over 200 does that mean the disk is trashed?

for instance is this disk trashed that rdgrimes posted

its hard to say… it does look very bad but you never nkow if it will read the data till you try…

from what ive seen (in my own testing) id say what ever is on the 2nd half of this disc is not going to read at all…

does that disc scan tool with nero tell ya anything usefull i mean if it says all is good should i be happy?

well i think with using kprobe and dvd info pro RPM test you should be able to tell if a disc is good or not.

kprobe will show the errors and dvdinfo pro ropm will show how well the disc reads

DVDInfo also can do an error scan, but it’s checking for read-ability like CDSpeed scandisc does. Agreed though, that scan is of a coaster. (my coaster, in fact)

it might be an idea to tell people to put dvd info pro RPM and surface scans on the dvd media

with all three
RPM (dvd info)
surface scan (dvd info)

we would get a better idea of how good a disc really is
but not make them put it up but make it optional and all the regulars do it and then maybe everyone else will
or just require them to do it and it will help everyone out…

good idea? bad idea?
tell me your thoughts