K-Probe to be used w LiteOn drives?


Can someone help me to understand the information K-Probe provides from burnt discs?

There is DVD Media tests performed with that software but I cannot really tell what those graphs stand for. Should I make Write Strategy or Tilt Analysis when testing DVDr media?

Does Bigger bars mean worse media? And what kind of graph is acceptable (=good media)?

I couldn’t find this information anywhere else …

I have LiteOn LSW-401S drive and I really don’t know how to generate those graphs with that drive since it can’t read discs written by itself…I have used LiteOn DVD-ROM drive which can perform Write Strategy but not Tilt Analysis … what’s the difference between those?

Thanks in advance!

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Can someone help me to understand the information K-Probe provides from burnt discs?

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Here’s some info to start with :

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Interpreting C1/C2 error scans

Thanks for this information, it was very helpful!

Can someone still explain me how can I use this LDW-401S drive to verify burnt discs when it’s not capable of reading discs written by itself?

There seemed to be instructions that the same drive should be used to verify what was used to burn the disc …

I tried K-Probe with LiteOn’s DVD-ROM drive instead of this DVD+RW drive and chosed the recommended options (4x, not max and PI/PO Sum at 8 ECC) and it gave me values (“soft” errors) upto 500 or so. This cannot be right? :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

dvd-roms read a max speed only the cdrw and dvdrw speed gets controlled by k-probe

and if the 401s is in your system you just use the drop down box to select the 401s and chagne the settings to the ones you stated above and then scan

Yes, I know how to choose LDW-401S to be used for the test but the problem is that this drive fails to read discs written itself.

I would like to know if this is common problem with this drive and does anyone know how to fix this. I was just wondering how people can give reports made by this since I cannot read discs. It always gives me an 'Unexpected Read Error" or something like that after 80%-99% because of it thinks the media / burning is so bad …

I’ve seen treads about this issue before, but I think you have a media problem. Have you tried some other media-brands? Try scan a CD. Does everything fail, or is it just DVD?