K-Probe readings from ASUS CRW 5232 burns

Hi All,

The reason for my post is because I am not familiar with K-Probe and am hoping all veterans here will have a much better interpretation of this reading. This reading is possible due to the new K-Probe 2.22 ability to read through DVD-ROM(thanks to Karr Wong), I took these readings with my Liteon DVD 163D with the latest firmare. The CD used was burnt on my brand new ASUS CRW 5232 with latest 1.3 firmware on a Mitsubishi Super Azo 16x rated blank at 4x speed using EAC with burn offset correction. Seems like CDRInfo.com had a bum ASUS CRW5232 on their test bed as the jitter and C1/C2 errors as well as pit land errors they got were far more than what I see. I wanted to buy Liteon only as my older Liteon 40x is still working fine but here in India, Liteon is virtually non-existent and there is no support even if you manage to find one. I have attached the PNG file from K-Probe and would appreciate any inputs. Even the Nero CD Speed latest version 3.10 yielded very low C1/C2 error count and no jitters whatsoever. Funnily this same drive was given superb ratings by CDR Labs and others.