K-Probe of 4163B burn



This disc works well in my Toshiba DVD Recorder and read perfectly with Nero CD-DVD Speed.

According to all the rules, it shouldn’t work at all.


I’ve seen stranger things, including that media code. My guess is that your LG couldn’t figure out the media id.


Just tested it in my Sony Home Theatre system and it too has no problems reading the disk.

I have some reservations about PI and PIF scores.


Errors are correctable and some players have better correction. But I would look at your 832 as the cause of the problem. My 832 stopped giving reliable scans after about 2 years. I compared it to three other drives and all three drives were close to the same while the 832 was showing significant errors. You should check these discs on other drives.

You might also want to try some other discs. Videohelp.com reports very mixed results with the media you show above.


This is some of the worst media ever made, so it’s no surprise that the scans are poor. One should assume that this disc will fail in the near future. I’ve seen much worse scans of discs that were “readable”. But I’ve never seen a bad scan of a good disc.


I am aware that these are crap media. They burn horribly on my 832S.

My point is that they should not even be able to be read.

Conversely, I have had disks with PI and PIF within the acceptable limits, and these have given problems on the same players.

Very confusing!!!


My point is that they should not even be able to be read.

PI/PIF error scans are not an absolute measurement of how any disc will read in other drives, or even in the same drive outside the scanning program. PI/PIF errors are not data errors.

Like I said, there are much worse discs around than this one, that are still readable. As to what your DVD player likes to read, that’s an entirely different issue. An acceptable error level on one one media type may well be unreadable on another media type for a DVD player.


I think there is another issue at play here other than burn quality. I suspect some players simply cannot play certain discs because it does not like the type of media. I am not sure why but my best guess is that the firmware of the drive component in the player does not support certain types of media. Maybe too old or something. Case in point : I have 2 DVD players, a Philips 642K, a Philips 5100K and a Philips DVDR 75 DVD recorder. The 2 players play everything but the DVD recorder refuses to play discs with RICOHJPNR02 or RICOHJPNR03 discs. It gives a “NO DISC” or “UNKNOWN DISC” error. I burned several discs of those two types and got the same results. All of those Ricoh discs play fine on the DVD players. The recorder also plays other media types fine, even crappy MEDIA-ID-001.

Same manufacturer for all three devices yet the recorder could not read the one type of discs.