K Probe not finding drives! could it be a SATA problem?



hey guys, this is my setup, i have an Abit NF7-S, a Mobile Barton 2600+, a Western Digital 80gb 8mb cache Harddrive, Kingston HyperX ram, and an Antec TrueControl 550w powersupply. i think my board, ram, processor and powersupply are all good, they past Prime95 and Memtest86. i did a fresh install of WinXP. but the problem is, K Probe won’t find my drives after i used the Abit SATA converter on my ATA HardDrive. i’m using the ATA to SATA convertor so that it’ll free up my ATA channels for my optical drives and let me hopefully write and read faster from an optical drive to a harddrive since it’s on a different channel. well K Probe finds the drives, but doesn’t recongnize them. so it basically won’t work at all. it does if i put my hd back as a ATA drive on the ATA channels. is this the case for everyone? or just me? i’ve done 2 fresh installs, i don’t know what it could be. any help please?


Remove Nvidia IDE controller drivers and install ASPI 4.60 (only 4.60)


hey, thanks for the quick reply. so if i remove my IDE controller driver in Device Mananger, i just right click and choose uninstall correct? i already have ASPI 4.6 installed in the computer. i’m afraid that as soon as i uninstall the IDE driver, i won’t be able to use my optical drives. do i have to reinstall the ASPI driver? or do i do an update and point it out the the ASPI driver? sorry for all the questions, but thanks!


ok, i did the uninstall and my computer automatically BSOD’d and i had to restart, i did an install of the Standard IDE controller and now K Probe finds all my drives. is this a known problem w/ the Nvidia IDE Controllers? are they just bad? does a lot of people have problems like this? i just want to know b/c i don’t want to do something that will affect the performance of my computer. i was finally able to k probe the dvd i made while it was still using Nvidia drivers and i finally got my PI under 1. it was .981 or something like that. hopefully it stays that way. thanks for your help!


are they just bad? does a lot of people have problems like this?

Yes and yes.
Some people report improved HD performance with the Nvidia IDE driver, YMMV.