K-probe for DVD+RW?

i intend to burn the DVD+RW that comes with my Ldw811s with a few different burning software. (erase-burn-erase-burn etc)

And have them scan using K-probe.
Hopefully i can find the most compatible software for my Ldw811.

Is this going to be meaningful ?
Never heard of scanning DVD+RW so far

Appreciate all comments…
My first scan have the most promising result so far. (with Nero551056)
PI-8/PO-8 all within 15/5 count, although there’s a unrecover read error at 98%

Originally posted by albetan
Never heard of scanning DVD+RW so far
…Appreciate all comments…

You can find many DVD+RWs scans HERE. :smiley:

BTW, my experiance is that all DVD+RW media gets “older”, higher PI/POs, after formating…