K-Pobe and Asus



why doesnt k-probe support asus drives?
k-probe wont support asus?
what can we do?
how can k-probe producers hear us?
help us pls


Try reading the KProbe thread. It is an internal LiteOn testing tool that only works with LiteOn drives. That will not change.


but i found dvdinfopro is supporting asus
Nic Wilson is great



CDspeed is the other main freeware that supports a variety of drives - and while Kprobe works only on Liteon drives (and occasionally, some other mediatek chipsetted drives), Cdspeed is the best “honest freeware” multi-drive solution.

The timeouts in the “free” version of DVDInfo pro make it a trial, rather than a proper freeware version - it might be free, but it sure ain’t freeware!


you forget something nero cd speed dont support asus 1608p but dvdinfopro supports
look at the picture


thanks again Nic Wilson great work


Just curious. Does it matter that you’ve got a scan there that makes no sense? Have you considered that there may a good reason why CDSpeed does not support the Asus? Like maybe Asus scans are worthless? Just thinking out loud here. :flower:


Interesting… we were thinking the same thing when I saw the scan first… :stuck_out_tongue: But I was thinking in quiet. :slight_smile:


whay do you think like that asus scan is worthless?
and have you ever think why nero cd-dvd speed support 1604 asus,and why they dont support 1608p?
asus is the best :slight_smile:


Since you’re an expert on Asus drives, I guess I don’t need to tell you that Asus doesn’t actually make any drives, and the 1608 is a Pioneer drive. And I’ll assume that you have already done your homework on scanning with Pioneer drives, and also are aware that they are not considered reliable scanning drives.


Welcome to CDFreaks. :slight_smile:

No spam-like posts please. Have more respect towards K-Probe and CD-Speed developers and other people who helped their releases.

Nearly duplicate thread

I have myself two Pioneer DVD writers and DVDinfopro does support them for quality scanning but I have Lite-On and BenQ drives that do a lot better. And you don’t have to be concerned with the cost of the DVDinfopro or ad banner if you try KProbe and CD Speed. :slight_smile:



What was that?



everyone is saying nero cd-dvd speed 4.00 supports asus 1608p
but here can you see it,it doesnt suppot asus


Who said anything about Asus 1608P? :disagree:

Asus makes good motherboards. I’ve myself used some Asus motherboards of K7 and P4. For DVD 16x writers, Asus just uses Pioneer drives and Pioneer drives are not popular for quality scanning so you can find little about Pioneer scanning.