K-mart sale on Fuji dvd media

They Have 15 packs of + an - for $8

At my local k-mart the plus R are made in japan and the minus R are made in Taiwan.I haven’t bought any, because my results with yuden t02 haven’t been that great.

Thanks for the heads up, but that works out to about $.53/disc. Most of the deals on T02 bring the price down to around $.40/disc.

Good deal if you just want to try out T02 in small quantities though.

Good deal if you just want to try out T02 in small quantities though.

Or if you need some disks NOW.


And Kmart Most likely won’t sell out of it like BB, good heads up for those with a Kmart near by.

nope not likely at that price :frowning:

Heh. Like my Best Buy, it’s on the other side of town by the mall where all the traffic is.

Just got home from Fry’s @ palo alto
They’ve got the Fuij’s to. I bought a spindle of 50 Fuji dvd+r 8xspeed for $ 32.46…, and got a mail in rebate of 5 bucks. So in total $27.46
Made in japan…, just checked. These are Yuden T02 :iagree:

How long did it take you to get from Palo Alto to Amsterdam? :stuck_out_tongue:


here on a trip for work :wink:

Welcome to Silicon Valley
If you want to check out an awesome FRy’s try the store in Sunnyvale. It is about a 15 minute trip from Palo Alto. Also if you are interested in a good deal on a Plextor 716, you can get it there for about $110 after MIR. Circuit City has a Benq 1620 in an I/O magic box for $60 as well.

I will check the one in sunnyvale to then. Hope that one is better that the one in palo alto.
Do you know a show nearby that sels the original Benq 1620 ??

There is a Microcenter in Santa Clara off the Great America Parkway exit, the next after Lawrence Expressway - the exit you take to get to the Fry’s in Sunnyvale. They have the black Benq 1620 Pro in stock for $59.99 after a $10 MIR. Just check the box before you leave the parking lot. Mine was missing the piece of plastic that attaches to the tray. I tried to exchange it but the next box they opened in the store was also missing that part. I ended up just returning it. http://microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=182685

I was in kmart today and noticed that the remaining stock of fuji +R’s were 15 with 5 free, still at 8 dollars through today, I bought a 20 pack. yuden000 t02’s for .40 cents apiece locally.