K-Mart/Fuji TY Dirt Cheap CD-R's, Tomorrow Nov 22nd Only

Now to be up front, you need to check the weekly circular for your area to make sure this deal is around for tomorrow , the 22nd, before banking on it.


So tomorrow only, Nov 22nd , 4.99$ for a 25 pk of Fuji dvd-r’s or 50 pk of cd-r’s … if MIJ , then most likely TY’s (always have been for me , and the cake box matches TY too)

Then this deal is going on (usual deals for k-mart) for the whole week Nov 18-25th

Some folks the last time a similar double dip deal @ kmart happened a few weeks back had issues with kmart honoring both deals, but for the most part, the majority didn’t seem to. I certainly didn’t & even the cashier exclaimed what a good deal it was.

If you can pull both off, and there isn’t a reason or disclaimer that you can’t (i’ve printed off both advertisements and also found both fliers in my local paper) You will score one heck of a deal on some MIJ TY’s (make sure to look at the cake box and Made In labels !)

4.99 plus tax for 2 50pk’s of Fuji CD-rs (100 cdr’s total)

… best deal i’ve ever seen for a B&M store or even online for TaiyoYudens (if u find/spot MIJ packs)

happy hunting ! (it doesn’t hurt that I have 3 k-marts in my 10-12 mile proximity and I’ve spotted many MIJ cakebox’s of Fuji cd’s already today, made an effort to shove them behind the MIT’s lmao) :slight_smile:

I hope you live on a different side of town than I do! :bigsmile: Aren’t K-marts now 24/7?

haha, don’t you have 800 discs from the last time a similar deal came around Doctor Morbius ? =) Still need more ?

I live on the Nora/Carmel border, and I mean right on it =)

I’m sure there are plenty of Fuji TY 50pks for us to share Dr. M lol

I guess they are 24/7, I see no indication of regular hours on the website , in the case i’ll be venturing into one around mid-night :bigsmile:

Just messin’ with ya. Yes I picked up 800 discs a while back during the last BOGO snafu. I’ve burned 300 of those already though and have plans to burn another 300 in the next couple of months. They go quickly when I have a project laid out.

I’m going to check them out around midnight (different stores than you so no need to worry :wink: ) and score a few more. This year I’m going to give away all of my non-Fuji/TY CD-R media as stocking stuffers. If they honor the $5 BOGO double dip then there isn’t any reason not to have only the good stuff. No more Memorex, CompUSA house brand, Philips, Imation or KHypermedia crap for this CDFreak. No sir! I’m done with Prodisc and CMC CD-R media. :Z

Wow , excellent deal :clap: :bow:

But the cakebox doesn’t seem like TY , or is the actual package different ? Yellow colored package ?
Or as long as it is MIJ , then it is TY aside from the cakebox style ?

Here is the original post where I first discovered the last “super deal”. I have pics and info in that post.


All the TY 50-disc cakeboxes I’ve seen have a straighter (not flared or bell shaped) base. The difference is obvious when you see MIJ and MIT Fuji CD-Rs on the shelf together.

So the cakebox must be yellow and not blue as the pic of the ads ?

They can be either blue or the gold-ish color. Most likely gonna find the gold-ish color, though.

Chad is right. The gold color is Fuji’s newer packaging/wrapper. I haven’t seen a blue Fuji CD-R wrapper in ages. Have only seen the blue on the DVD media for a while now.

Good scan in that other post Chad. It shows the very distinct TY cake box very clearly.

Yes :clap:

I emailed the pics to a friend and he will go to k-mart tomorrow for the deal , wish me luck :slight_smile:

Thank you for the heads up adderal.

Is there any chance the DVD+Rs are TYs? I haven’t seen Fuji TY DVDs in a while, but I thought I’d ask anyway.

The CD-Rs are a great find, though. Please, after you buy them, report back about the buy one/get one deal. That’s too good to pass up! :bow:

Nope, quite the opposite. MIJ Fujis are the flared ones (topside cover is wider nearer the bottom than the top), the straight ones are the MIT. The MIJ can come in either blue or yellow, the yellow is the newer packaging color, but the blue are still available.

It’s 11:23. 'Bout time to head on over to K-Mart. Attention Blue Light shoppers!

If I can get the BOGO deal I’ll report back when I get home in an hour or two.

Welp, no luck tonight. The first store I went to closed at 10 PM. The other was open but the electronics are was closed. Will take a nap and check them out in the morning and report back.

If the picture provided in the ad is the same item as in the stores, then these aren’t TY at all. Made in Taiwan.

What time do they open up in the morning? Ours is not 24/7 and the website just shows the map for the store (after putting in the zip code).

True. But it all depends on your local store. They may have MIT, MIJ or both. I’ve seen both cake boxes at the two K-marts near me.

8:00 A.M. here in Indy.