K-Mart and Walgreens Ad for October 14

Sony 50-pack on sale at Walgreens

Sony 25-pack on Sale at K-Mart

I can’t find the Walgreens’ ad for the Sony’s :confused:

same here

Try this:


Other Stuff

Im picking up some batteries!

$15.99? that is the lowest I have seen at Walgreens

They have had TYG03’s in the past, I will have to look for some.

Walgreens ad is last week ad, I dont see the new ad for upcoming week, but I am not too worry, I work for them, I can peek at ad tonight

Are the Sony’s at K-Mart any good? thanks

Yes if you can find Made in Japan and most K-marts have some

Look at my other post a few messages above.

Thanks for info negritude :slight_smile:
I look for some more Sony DVD-R 16X ( TYG03 ) from Walgreen :bigsmile:

$16 - 15% employee discount, so around $14, not too bad

I found only one 50pack Sony TYG03 40miles away from my house ( check more than 15 store ) :doh:
better than nothing :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, how much gasoline did you use looking for that 1 X 50 spindle of TYG03. (just j/king):bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I have some drive today ( nice weather and hunting some media )
My car is 13 miles per gallon local driving :slight_smile:
It’s fun look for somthing and driving :bigsmile:

I am glad you enjoyed it, I also enjoy media and optical drive hunting, but I only go so far, if I am traveling for business I always stop into the Brick and Mortar Stores to check for stuff, it is fun like you say. :iagree:


It is a complete waste of time and money to go driving around trying to find TY 50-packs, when TY 25-packs are more easily available. I scored 8 Sony 25-pack T02s today for only $50. That’s $25 per 100. I did that with one trip to a single Staples store and used no more gas than I would normally. I got a better deal than Rima.com, and I can go get some more if I want.

Folks, it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

now that, i consider a pretty damn good deal :wink: … you pretty much getting those at not far from half price.

also is those 25 packs @ k-mart guarenteed to be TY discs? … cause if they are i might have to get some just cause 28 dollars per 100 discs is quite good :wink:

in the pic it shows 1x-8x … is it safe to assume those are T02 discs?

K-Mart may or may not have TYs. In the 25-pack, only the 8x +R MIJs are TYs, and those are most easily found these days at Staples. Sears sometimes has some, and K-Mart may have some, but I can’t say for sure.

Here are the best reasons to go to Staples to buy them:

  1. 12% Associate Discount coupon good from October 14-21.

  2. OfficeMax $10off$20 coupon good until November 31st, which is accepted at many Staples as a competitor coupon.

The Sony 25-pack at Staples is already on sale for $9.98, so, if you’ve got a really juicy coupon laying around, or can get a price match and then use a coupon on top of that, you can get a really good deal. Remember, Staples accepts coupons from Office Depot and OfficeMax (many do, but not all), so the number of ways you can score are greater.

The above is why I prefer to get my media in B&M stores. There are often so many more opportunities to save and get a good deal.