JVC XV-N5 Region free?

Has anyone found out how to make this thing region free?
All help is appreciated.



So far, I haven’t managed to find the hack for my JVC XV-N5, but I found some interesting things which could be one of the firsts steps.

Plugging and Powering from the player while holding I<< and >>I displays this : “REGION 2”

Plugging the player while holding Play and Stop, does this :

“TEST --” then displays “TEST E”

When pushing the Choice key on the remote, it displays this :
“23 56 13”

Pushing again does this :
“- - - - - - - -”

Again :
All LCDs lit

Again :

Again :

When “EXPERT” lite, pressing 3D Phonic on the remote does this :
“0000 0000”

Then pressing Subtitle does this :

Then when pressing Angle or Subtitle again we can simultaneously read :
“MJMO DE10”, “MJMO DE09”, “MJMO DE08”… and “MJMO DEOA”, “MJMO DEOB”…

Pressing 3D Phonic again does this :
DATA 0000, then pressing Angle or Subtitle does things like “MJMO DEOD”

Pressing Menu does :
“0000 0000”

Now, pressing numbers button on the remote, changes 0000 0000 into many different codes, at this moment I think it is better not to press Enter, some wrong codes could be entered and I did not find how to enter 0000 0000 again.

When switching off and on again (without validing anything), the player keeps its keys.

Well, I hope that this small discovery will help some us to eventually figure out the hack for this player.

Good luck.

@snowie: you should credit the source (www.vcdhelp.com) cause you did not write all that yourself :wink:

@Chriso: I have the same player, I love every aspect of it (the blue lights are especially cool :D) but the only way to make it region-free is by firmware-flash, something only JVC have access to…
They sell one which is regionfree but they also charge almost $100 more for it (at least here).

Originally posted by Airhead
[B]@snowie: you should credit the source (www.vcdhelp.com) cause you did not write all that yourself :wink:

Oeps you’re right, I forgot the source;)

Well I’d already seen that on vcdhelp.com (I always look there for region hacks) but I was hoping someone had hacked it.


you could try either THIS LINK or possibly THIS ONE I know they’re not the exact models etc, but you never know it might work.

BTW whereabout in Liverpool are you from?

Oh yer, you can always give Richer Sounds at the top of Bold Street (Berry Street) a go, they have been known in the past to do hardware/EPROM updates, it doesnt do any harm to ask, the worst they can say is NO :slight_smile:

What a coincidence, I’m actually going to town tomorrow.:bigsmile: I’ll be sure to ask them while I’m there.

BTW I’m from Maghull, just north of Aintree.

HeHe … Walton here … Just by Anfield!!! But also just by Goodison :frowning: (well you cant have it all I suppose)

Did any of those ‘tricks’ work?

Haven’t tested them yet, but I’ll get round to it sometime. Town today :bigsmile: .

So you’re a Liverpudlian, good on ya. I remember takin the piss out of loads of my friends (Evertonians) when we finished above them. :bigsmile:

EDIT: I have found closer matches to my model on www.vcdhelp.com

Yep last season reminded of '85 when all the blue noses came out of the woodwork, there seemed to be more last year, maybe with a team like Everton theres so much rotten wood its only to be expected :slight_smile: (cant deny Rooney is a good player tho, he just needs to calm down a bit)

Hope you get the update/upgrade sorted at Richer Sounds … Dunno if you have a console at all, if you do call int o the chipshop by the Liverpool Palace (halfway down bold street and turn right) he does all kinds of console stuff. Lots of good things in there …

I go to Chipshop for my console.:bigsmile: I’m going to town now.

UPDATE: No luck they only sell them ready Reigon free, but they gave me a number to call.

Hey I found this today, posted recently on vcdhelp.com!

  1. Press the Power button on the player to turn it off

  2. Wait 5 seconds

  3. Press and hold the buttons DVD Menu and On Screen on the player together, and then press the Power button on the player to turn it back on

  4. Release the DVD Menu and On Screen buttons

  5. Press the Standby button on your player, the display should now show either “TEST 2”, “TEST 4” or “TEST 6” depending on the player region

  6. Press the DVD Menu button on your player twice in a row, the display should now show “000 5858”

  7. By pressing the Up and Down cursors buttons, change the first three digits until they read “02E”

  8. By pressing the Right and Left cursors buttons, change the last four digits until they read “0000” for Region Free, “0101” for Region 1, “0202” for Region 2, “0404” for Region 4, “0808” for Region 8, and finally “2020” for Region 20.

  9. If you experience difficulties with Region 4 discs, change the above setting to “0458” and make sure that PAL or NTSC is correctly set on your player

  10. Press the Enter button on your player to confirm the region change

  11. Press the Standby button on the player to turn it off

  12. Wait 5 seconds

  13. Press the Standby button on the player to turn it on

I have not tried it cause I have no DVD’s other than Region 2’s… Anybody fancy a go? :slight_smile:

I also have no DVDs apart from region 2, but I was just waiting for this. Anyone got one of these and wiling to test it?

Heh to bring this old topic up again. This is a short FYI: the JVC XV-N5SL and JVC XV-N5 is identical. Well 99.9% identical. How do I know this?
Well remember I asked JVC for a firmware-update?
Well I got the firmware for XV-N5. Flashed fine. But some time ago I wandered by the box in the attic, and lo and behold. It says XV-N5SL…

Oops :o

Cool. But isn’t there a region hack now?