JVC VHS Camcorder tape to DVD recording


I am a complete novice with what I want to do - but hope that some one can contribute their experience and knowledge to make my project a success.

I have a very old JVC VHS Camcorder (Model GR323). It is analogue and has some precious films I took of my child growing up. It is in a tape format. About 15 years ago, JVC made the above model and the tapes. The tapes had to be inserted in a Cartridge, which fitted in a VCR which could then be played and viewed. I have all that. But there is an 8 Pin AV cable which I need. Recently, I have found the cable on the internet, but the other end of the 8PIN AV is a SCART connection. Can someone tell me whether I can burn off DVDs if I connect the AV on Camcorder to VCR /DVD player, burner (if such a machine exists) via the SCART connection?

Any ideas on how to take this project further - VHS tapes to DVD back up?

Many thanks


Scart connectors are quite common in Europe. Very rare to find them on equipment in the US.

If you still have the cartridge necessary to play the tapes in a VHS machine, the easiest way to convert would be to get a combination VHS-DVD Recorder. Or you could get a VHS player and connect to a DVD Recorder via composite, s-video or component cables.

It is also possible to connect a VHS player to a computer via a capture card using the same types of cables…s-video and composite.

Hi Kerry,

Many thanks. I appreciate your reply. As a follow up question:

I heard somewhere that because the VHS tape is being played via a Cartridge, the DVD burner cannot recognize it to burn off.

Is that true? My problem is I do not undertstand the technology behind it.

And to compund it, mine is in PAL format. If I had a VCR/DVD burner multi location equipment, can I just run it through the VCR and burn off? What I am getting at is that there would presumably be no need for a TV as the middle componet for the DVD burning?

Any more information that you can help me with will be received with gratitude.

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Playing through the cartridge and outputting to the dvd recorder or capture device should work. You should be able to hook it up directly through the cables I mentioned and not have the tv involved.

The potential problem of PAL video being the source is something I’ve not dealt with personally. Just make sure your equipment can handle PAL input before purchasing.