JVC launches combo Blu-ray/VHS player

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Even if it’s extremely difficult to purchase a movie on VHS these days, many consumers still have VHS tapes they’d like the opportunity to view again. To help fill this small consumer demand, JVC is the latest company to introduce a new Blu-ray player that also has VHS support, along with a 250GB HDD.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/jvc-launches-combo-blu-rayvhs-player-21782/](http://www.myce.com/news/jvc-launches-combo-blu-rayvhs-player-21782/)

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Transferring old VHS tapes to Blu-ray… yeah, DVD+/-R media just doesn’t deliver enough resolution to capture those high-quality VHS tapes! :doh:

I wonder if, at that price, the VHS deck is up to the quality of JVC decks in their prime or just some plastic hacked together POS like their more recent models…And is it MacroVision Free???

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2459948]I wonder if, at that price, the VHS deck is up to the quality of JVC decks in their prime or just some plastic hacked together POS like their more recent models…[/QUOTE]I’m guessing plastic POS. I had three JVC decks; one top quality, one medium quality, and one plastic POS. The most expensive one was over $1000 and I don’t believe for a second that they put that kind of quality into the VHS part of this product.

And is it MacroVision Free???
Even this late in the game for VHS, I doubt that the content providers would allow this.

I have JVC Hi Fi VCR that I bought in 1986 and it still works good. I replaced a couple of belts on it, but other than that has never had a problem. I would still put it up against any non S-VHS VCR made since the mid nineties for picture quality. Too bad they just don’t make stuff like that anymore.

I have a nice JVC 9600 svhs deck that was about their top of the line when I bought it. has TBC circuit that makes a huge improvement in the color and clarity of old slow speed vhs tapes, and can use regular tapes in SVHS mode as well.
They have been known to have issues but so far it has worked fine though I hardly use it anymore, the cheaper units I’m sure were total junk, but by that time most entry level ones were anyways.
Now if that combo machine has a decent HD cable tuner or anything else useful what with the included hard drive it might be interesting as long as the price isn’t totally stupid.
I think they’d be better off to drop the VHS part but they are probably trying to cover all the bases for the US market.
Well for 1400 bucks and no mention of any kind of tuner this thing will probably never come to the US. I can do most of what it does with my PC and a BD burner now plus my HDTV cable tuner thats in here, for way less money.

I also have a JVC VHS player model # HR-VP638U and I’ve had it for so many years I forget what year the model is, but I used it so much, and I still use it to record TV programs. It’s a bit old school to FF through commercials, but this unit is so nice. Never a problem, solid build. Great sound and picture. I miss the days when audio/video components where produced with quality. Nowadays they are mere crap.

This product has no market. VCRs are dead products and well over 99% of the content put on them is available either on dvd, blue ray or even bit torrent. You might even find snippets of them on YOUTUBE or other sites like it.

I was hoping for a blue ray player/dvd recorder combo with a 250gb hard drive for DVRing as that makes MUCH MORE SENSE than this idea. Obviously there were bunch of marketing guys sitting around trying to find out what the movie Back to the Future was really missing in that antique shop! For good measure, the player can also have a usb & super multi flash box for sdhc and flash cards to seve as content playing, recording, and transfer to & from disc, hard drive and flash media!
That IS something worth buying… not these $128-$299 pieces of blue ray junk they sell today… innovate the RIGHT way! Also the device MUST be able to encode/decode mpeg2/mpeg4 xvid/divx at upto 720p resolutions, 1080p if they can spare it!