JVC GR-G750 pass through?

Along with many others, have search the www but never an answer. I bought this camera because it states it has pass-through so I could download my PVR files through the camera to the pc.

But it seems like you can only pass-thru in the wrong direction. I have a firewire to DV plug, and the camera came with a mini-plug to RGB cable. I thought I could hook the RGB cable to the PVR output to the camera (pass-thru) to the DV to firewire cable to the PC.

But it seems like it will only pass-thru from camera to RGB. Why would anyone want to go from DV to VCR? What a waste!!! Anyone had any luck with JVC pass-thru to pc?


On the JVC camcorder models with pass through, the video connection can operate in either direction. By default, this will output video, but it can be toggled to a video input in the menu. From what I’ve come across on the web, the menu option is “S/AV INPUT” and is usually located on the main menu. This needs to be set to ‘On’. There also must be no tape loaded.


Looked on the menu but nothing to allow me to switch directions. Seems as though the output side of the camera through passthrough is only to RGB RCA plugs. What a let down.

I guess I will have to record to tape, then output the tape through the DV cord to pc. Will probably get the wavy and edges of the camera recording on output. What a shame. Even the JVC site doesn’t know crap. Even when the camera was new, they didn’t know crap.

What a letdown!