Jvc everio quality



I have recently bought a jvc everio hdd camera, i probably would not have bothered if i had read the thousands of complaints and quiries on all the message boards. there are obvious problems with finding editing software that isnt made by cyberlink that will accept mod files. I am currently using adobe premier elements 3.0, this accepts the files no problem but the quality is terrible if exporting to dvd or file especially when using effects and transitions, does anyone no why this is happening, and what i can do to get a better result. I would like to be able to burn to dvd and watch on a tv with good quality, i know this is possible because when i preview my un edited footage from the av out in the camera straight to the tv it is perfect quality.


Please tell me exactly what steps you are using. If you have a .mod file, you should just import this directly (no converting), into adobe. Then when you add transitions, etc., make sure you set your bitrate high enough to keep quality (8500 - 9000) for bitrate. Use good media (verbatim or taiyo yuden).


Just wondering what you exactly mean when you say that the quality is terrible.

I use an Everio and edit in Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0. The one thing that I have to do for every clip is to set <Flicker Removal> under the <Field Options> right mouse select, otherwise I get…flicker. I also use Cyberlink PowerProducer to burn to DVD as APE just doesn’t seem to do a ‘great’ job (to me anyways)

The *.MOD files can be simply renamed to *.MPG - if you want to use other software; they are MPEG-2 files.


I am a newbie and tried to find help before posting!

I have the everio DVD camcorder and just bought the DVD burner last night. But, I am having some problems because the instruction manual barely says anything.

Is anyone out there familiar with these products?

1.) Why does the burner only allow 60 minutes on my 120 minute DVD/R?
2.) Why does it state my 80 minute memorex DVD/R discs are “incompatible”?
3.) How can I burn the disk with the date/time stamp?

I am sure I will have more questions but these are my initial problems! I am also wondering if the burner ($200) is even worth it. I have read about the unique file format from the JVC Everio that has to be converted, etc. so I thought the burner would be the easiest route.


I have the GZ-MG77U and all I do is hook it up to the computer with a USB cable. It is then seen as a hard drive, then I copy all the files from the “private” folder, rename all the MOD files to MPG and use Nero or Alcohol to burn them.
I tried to use the supplied programs JVC gives with the camera, but this is still alot faster.


To make a little clearer, I don’t have the JVC burner, I use the burner in my computer.