JVC Everio PowerDirector Express - Missing Key

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I wonder if anyone has run into this before: we bought a JVC digital video recorder, and it came with PowerDirector Express 5. We installed it to my husband’s computer with no issues, but after installing to my computer, the PowerDirector menu shortcut is not created, and when I try to run the exe directly it asks for a CD key. I can’t find a key anywhere with the documentation/packaging. Did it do something sneaky like register my husband’s copy online without asking permission? Anyone know where the key might be stored on his computer so I can copy it to mine?



You can read the eula and it probably did register during the install on the first computer. Chances are this is for one computer only.

There should be a way to install again…what if the computer had a failed hard drive? The software should not be a one-time install.

Try this software to find the key on the first computer: http://www.gtopala.com/siw-download.html
This free program is called System Information for Windows, and will tell you quite a lot about the software and hardware installed in the machine. The SIW standalone version is what I use.

Once you start the program, you’ll see a long column of options on the left side. Click on Licenses. This should show the licenses of various software installed on the computer. No guarantee that it will show this particular Cyberlink program, though on mine, I can see the key for PowerDVD using SIW.

It wouldn’t suprise me if they registered it on-line because I think that they are too protective of their software and manuals. There are a lot of manuals on the JVC site that you can download but not print. The files are .PDF files that are locked so you can’t print them. I had to go the JVC UK site to get a manual that I could print.

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Thanks for your comments. I decided to just find other software. It’s rather ironic that they go to all kinds of trouble to protect it, given there’s plenty of people who seem to have a great deal of… unflattering… comments :slight_smile: