JVC DVD-R 8x Made in Japan



Are these always Taiyo Yuden TYG02 or are there any exceptions??



I’ve never known them to be anything but TYG02 for the US market. There is a slim chance they could be MXLRG03 as some Victor/JVC 8x DVD-R uses that media code, but for the Japanese market.


And where can you actually find these for sale in the United States? The JVCs here seem to all be made in Malaysia.


They’re sold in 5-packs in jewel cases in a box. I’ve seen them at Fry’s Electronics mainly.


I am getting 155 of them in Jewel cases, they say MIJ so I hope they end up being pretty good because I am almost out of TYG02’s

Anyone have any scans of these? I have not seen anyone post any that I can remember.


Indeed someone does :slight_smile: . Here’s one I posted two years ago: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=832595&postcount=220



Here you go :slight_smile:


I guess they have been out of circulation for a while.

Thanks for the links.

I will post scans later next week when I get them, lets hope i didn’t waste $.33 each on them, though I can’t get lucky on all the media I find…


In my opinion and experience, TY is pretty much TY no matter what brand it’s sold under. Here’s another example of JVC/Victor TYG02 quality: http://www.geocities.jp/himaoyaji_dvd/dvdtest/vicsd8.html


There are some complaints about Datasafe TYG02 (genuine), but Datasafe was never a reputable brand anyway.



Last night, at Fry’s, I saw MIJ JVC media, they were $10 per 5-pack (in jewel cases) IIRC


It just sounds like the Datasafe TYG02 discs are the UK equivalent of the Value-line TYG02 sold in the US.