JVC DVD-R 8x any good?


HH Gregg has a 50-pack of JVC DVD-R 8x for $14.99. Who makes them and where are they made?


Wealth Fair Investment (Hong Kong) :confused:

Probably MJC ME (Made in Malaysia) - check out the pics & compare.


The one dics I have is in jewel case , Made In Malaysia with MID : MJC ME
It is very bad quality :bigsmile:

EDIT : Sorry , it is not that bad , here is a scan of a disc burnt 1 year ago , jitter is awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


I will probably go to HHGregg to see if they are MIM or MIJ.


MIJ = Taiyo Yuden

They’re not going to be MIJ. MIM is most likely, with an outside possibility of something MIT.

Hi negritude,

You were right! The DVD-R were MIM and the DVD+R were MIC.

I did not buy any…


Hmm I have seen quite some 8x JVC (jewelcased) media which was made in japan. TYG02.
Hmm maybe the spindles are used for the cheap stuff. It wouldn’t be the first brand that package better media in the jewelcases as in there spindles.

I still have three JVC-branded TYG02 discs on hand here.

The spindled JVC MJC ME I’ve used is so-so. The first spindle I used was very marginal in quality, very high PIE across the disc (100-200) and PIF totals were several thousand+. They seem to play fine though and the discs do look nice at least :stuck_out_tongue: . The 2nd spindle has been much better, good PIE and respectable PIFs, similar to the above scan. I’ve read some things that suggest that these may not have good stability, no problems yet but I’ve not had them long. If the price was right, they’d be worth a try for cheap, unimportant burns. $15 per 50 is about $10 too much though for these discs. Maybe $15 too much if you consider Staple’s Playo +R discs when they are on sale, since they can be close to free after rebate and coupon and are better discs IMO. :smiley:

I have a couple hundred in shrink wrapped jewel cases Made in Japan, very good TYG02’s.

A couple hundred?! What did you do, raid all of the HH Gregg stores in a five state area?

Got them on ebay of course :wink: