JVC DVD-player and DVD-R

Since I know some folks here also has a JVC DVD-player like me I wonder if your’s play DVD-R, as JVC says it should.
Myself I have a XV-N5, a model that for some reason JVC have ceased production of. Yet older models are still being produced, now I’m thinking it might have something to do with the DVD-drive cause my player is VERY picky!
It has had problems playing even pressed DVD’s I own, a firmware update from JVC cured some of the problem but I still have pressed DVD’s that it simply wont play.

Or maybe I am doing something wrong, I have burned two DVD-R’s with DVD-Decrypter and two DVD+R’s (all at 4x) and none of the -R’s worked while both +R’s did. You can find scans of these discs in the media forum.

-R’s (don’t work)

Any experience of brands of DVD-R that WORK with this player (or JVC players in general)?

Model SVS60 here, it will sometimes puke on a DVD-R, but mostly likes anything I feed it.
I’ll bet you will have success with MCC or TY DVD-R, but why not just stay with DVD+R…too expensive there?

DVD-R is cheaper, but that not whats bothering me. It is that it says that it does DVD-R, but I cant get it to work. It’s frustrating.
I suppose I have to go through the batch of -R’s I have, I have some different dyes left to try…