JVC DVD Player $44.97 With FREE S&H Good Guys

Just a plain, inexpensive player. All the reviews I found from users gave it 5 stars. At Good Guys now for half price and free shipping. Price is good in-store as well.


Damn! I wish I had seen this deal when I had to get a DVD Player. JVC is quality, and my mouth waters just seeing this on sale for this price. It’s loaded with features and extra things the older Panasonic S25S I got doesn’t have. Anyway, if you haven’t ordered this yet, order–you should love it! :wink:

Not a bad price but check out these user reviews from Amazon first:
2.5 stars out of 5

JVC XVN410BK Progressive-Scan DVD Player (Black)

No DVD+? and what about DVD+DL

Wow! Some bad reviews indeed! Well, we’ll see tonight when I set mine up. It does have nice features though. Calling it plain was not accurate. Looking forward to the Express Play feature which takes you to the beginning of the movie, skipping all the previews, if desired(although the menu button does the same thing).

I’ll post tomorrow how it plays store-bought and copys.

Well, the player plays fine with original DVD movies, both picture and sound, but the picture quality playing DVDs copied on +R or -R is not the best. The colors are bright but the overall quality is grainy at times. Sound quality is excellent all the time. The backlit tray is annoying as well. The unit is not flimsy at all, no more than the Sony it is replacing.

I’ll keep this player as a backup/secondary unit but…bottom line…

Harman Kardon here I come!

Hope this helps

Then when you also make copies and if your burning software allows bitsetting (changing the DVD+R to read as DVD-ROM after the burn), use the bitsetting to have it read as DVD-ROM and see if that can help. AFAIK, there’s no bitsetting to change DVD-R disks during the burn to DVD-ROM, but I’ve not looked into that part.

Bitsetting does not effect the quality of the image. It allows the dics to play on machines that do not support DVD +R. Also, you cannot change bitsetting on a +R disc after it is burned, only on a +RW disc.


I have a Panasonic DVD -S77 - the HDMI upconverting type that pushes a DVD to almost HD quality play - and it is great on my new HiDef Hitachi Ultravision 57 Inch RPTV - but ONLY with good quality media like the good old Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell-

No grainyness or pixelization - and the picture is totally awesome-

btw - the JVC is notably better if you use the Component Video (RGB) connections IMO


What HD is to DVD is like what DVD is to VCD. NANO & GIGO.

I’m considering to buy a Samsung standalone HD set-top that can also play DVD disks, cheaper than what I paid for the Toshiba DVD player that can also play and record VHS tapes.

VHS -> VCD -> DVD -> HD. :iagree:

LOL, glad you’re around, Chas! I meant to say you can use the bitsetting before it burns so that when it’s done, a DVD+R will read as DVD-ROM. As for it not affecting the video quality, I did not know that and stand corrected. Thanks for being nearby! :wink: