JVC DR-M10 DVD-RAM recording portability / compatibility

I post here to reply to questions asked in the NEC forum.

I’ve been asked if DVD-RAM discs written on the JVC DR-M10 had any readability problems on PC RAM drives.

After lots of testing in my Pioneer 109 and my Nec 4550A, both RAM capable drives, I can assure that at least with the Panasonic DVD-RAM discs I use there is no problem at all.

Actually the writing quality of the JVC is good with most discs (even 8X and 16X MCC discs!) and RAM is no expection, it seems. :cool:

Thanks for that Francksoy, My DRM-E85H is the same, any old DVD-R seems to work OK and I love the DVD RAM in conjunction with my computer. Perfik.

For the record, the DR-M10’s internal drive is an LG 4120B.
Just curious: what drive does your Panasonic use?


My JVC DR-M10 have a LG GDA 4040-drive inside.

I have readability-problems with Verbatim and Maxell, but this happens only some times, not always.

4040? :eek: - so not all DR-M10 have the same drive? That comes as a surprise to me.

You mean readability problems with discs recorded on the JVC?

Mine not only has a different drive, but also had a firmware update performed in june at JVC (during a repair because of the infamous “loading error”). So maybe the good results I get are not the ones to expect from other M10s…?

My first post could be misleading, then.

Yes, GDA 4040. But never saw a “GDA”-drive in germany on sale, usually only “GSA”-drives (Half Height).

Yes, sometimes I try to re-author some movies I recorded with my DR-M 10 and import it on PC.

Sometimes it´s not a problem, sometimes I get a read-error on my Toshiba 1712. Funny thing is that sometimes I can play it on the JVC and don´t see a disturbance.

But I had sometimes real bad picture-disturbance when playing a recorded DVD-RAM.

Never had a problem with DVD-R, I tried different types 4x/8x-speed from Sony, Verbatim and Fuji.

I read in a german forum that many people have problems with the DR-M 10, mostly drive-problems

I have the JVC DR-M 10S and the Panasonic DMR-E53.

I have similar problems with my LG like Scour. Some recorded DVD-RAMs have errors when I´m trying to import the files to my PC. I have 4 different DVD-Roms with DVD-RAM-reading and have this problem mostly with all drives “Read Error”. One time my LiteOn 166S could read a RAM without error while my Tosh 1912 show errors.

I use DVD-RAM from:

Panasonic (2x and 3x)
Verbatim 3x
Maxell 3x
Primedisc 3x (Ritek)

Most problem I have with the Primedisc, those media often produce this errors and artefacts.

My JVC uses a HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GDA-4040B, my Panasonic a Matshita.

So this is not a clear cut, damn. :frowning:

Am I the only lucky M10 owner with a 4120B LG drive? I bought my JVC in may this year, maybe I have an “upgraded” appliance… :confused: - when did you guys buy yours?


I bought september 2004

November 2004