JVC Digital Video Camera, how to plug into computer?



Hi I have a JVC Digital Video Camera Model No. GR-D350AA which records onto Digital Video Cassettes. I was wondering if their is any way that I could record this onto the Computer so that I can make a DVD Disc of it? It has a plug on the side inside where the screen flips open and it has DV under it. I think this is where a plug would go from and into the compouter? Is there a special name for the plug that I can ask for at a shop? Would I need a special program to record this onto my computer? There wasn’t a usb cable or CD when I bought it.

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What u will need is:

  1. firewire cable
  2. a firewire port on your motherboard or a PCI firewire card
  3. software to edit video and author DVDs, such as, Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0



My vote also goes to the Adobe Premiere Elements. Top product.

I suggest you also go to JVC´s site and look for support info—there may even be a tutorial there that will help.


Ok thanks guys


Hi about the Fire Wire card are there different types or is there just a standard one that will fit into any Computer? Also what price range are these around? I had a look on Ebay and their around a couple of dollars (AU). Is that about right? My Comp takes a AGP video card (I bought 1 recently) if that means anything.
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Does Anyone have any ideas?
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Here’s a thought:

By the time you buy a PCI card and software for capturing, editing and authoring video, not to mention the hours spent fiddling, cursing and crying cause it doesn’t do what you want, why not look at getting a stand-alone DVD recorder for your home theater. Almost all of them have DV (firewire) inputs on the front for doing just this. Then you also have a nice piece of hardware that you can use for lots of other things.

If you still want to do editing on your PC, you can. But of course then you also still need software. Capturing on PC is not as easy as it may sound, as the PC will be 100% tied up during capture, and also during rendering/encoding to DVD video.


I agree. Plus, several of the stand alones have built in
editing software.


OK so you plug your Video Camera into this and it turns the tape into a disc? & how much are the firewire cards? Also are there different types or just one standard type?
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Get a DVD recorder, LIKE THIS , and you don’t need anything else. You use it like a VCR. Once recorded, you can take the DVD to your PC if you want to do further editing and re-burn a new disc. Or you can just edit during the recording and you are done.



U will need a firewire card with 1394a port(s) which start at $9.00. Your best bet is to get Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 for capturing video, editing video and authoring DVDs.



OK thanks guys


There isn’t a free program that I can use instead of Adobe :o even though it won’t be as good.
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If money is tight, you will be far better off just buying a DVD recorder. $130 will get the job done, or less. You’ll save your sanity and have something that you can also use for other things…


Yes I know but do you know of any other programs? I would also like to be able to edit the video instead of recording straight.
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So does anyone know of any other program??? I mainly need one that will actually capture the video. Is there a program that can do that?
Help Appreciated :iagree:
Thanks NaTH98



I think WinDV is free, but it only captures video…



I Supoz when i review the manual it recqired a cable it JVC VC-VDV206U OR THE other one VC-VDV204U

but trolly i dont no from where i could get this cable