JVC develops 25GB Blu-ray/8.5 GB DVD combo disk technology

I just posted the article JVC develops 25GB Blu-ray/8.5 GB DVD combo disk technology.

  A few  weeks ago we reported that Toshiba & Memory Tech has developed a  DVD/HD-DVD Hybrid Disk, a disk  that offers 4.7 GB DVD and 15 GB HD-DVD storage capacity. Many of us thought  that...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9638-JVC-develops--25GB-Blu-ray_8_5-GB-DVD-combo-disk-technology.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9638-JVC-develops--25GB-Blu-ray_8_5-GB-DVD-combo-disk-technology.html)

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And the war continues. Seriously whoever has the cheapest burners with the cheapest media will get my vote.

I’d hate to see this thing “win”. Just because it’s convenient for movie studios to combine HD-DVD with lower resolution DVD, doesn’t mean it will be convenient for me… :x

well then your sol because is a rom which means is not writable. So it’s more for in store sales then writable dvd’s

somebody wake me when they start talking cheap high-capacity writes. All this new format talk makes me think these guys know they need something compelling that they haven’t offered yet, and we are far from seeing it in its final form, despite all this talk of standards. The “we must make it backward compatible with DVD” thing underlines just how important and pervasive DVD has become, and I don’t see it dying off anytime soon, much like CD. I don’t care if a killer rewritable computer format for the masses is not made compatible with the latest hollywood ROM disc, as long as we get one. Right now the best the masses have is DVD for ‘lots’ of data, which simply isn’t enough for a growing number of Joe Shmoes.

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Wait a second…If we can do this then that means we can also make HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Hybrids…think of the possibilites…think of the uses…oh wait there are none.

With so many possibilities at our disposal how will we be able to buy anything? It seems to me that with this hyper-speed evolution in “cd freaks business” all possibilities will dissolve into the NEXT technology that will never stay around long enough to satisfy us with complacency. Perhaps in the not too distant future we’ll have 5/50/100/200 GB cheap flash cards…who knows… and we’d all prefer that to a disk that needs to revolve to be accessed.

So what’s next ? In 2006 we’ll have 10 disk formats: CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-ROM, BD-RW and BD-ROM. Wow! I will have trouble choosing where to backup my data. I think CD will never die, because it is the ideal format for audio: can you find a band that can make so many songs to fill a 4.38GB DVD ? The entire Elvis Presley’s discography can be written onto ONE of these disks. Also, DVD (regardless of the +/- format) is the ideal format for end users’ needs and programmers: again, how long would it take to make a game which would fit onto a 25GB Blu-ray disk ? :o I think HD-DVD and Blu-ray (I don’t know any differences between the two…) will be the format for MOVIES! Yes, because so far even a movie on a 8.5 DL disk is compressed with the MPEG algorithm. With 25 or 50 GB of disk space, an entire 120min movie could be completely UNCOMPRESSED - both video and audio (so bye bye DTS and Dolby Digital). Which is what I call perfection :d

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