JVC-branded DVD media



JVC-branded, 8x-rated DVD+R media, made in China, 30 pack. MID = WFKA11 211. Appears to be very mediocre media.

Who is the manufacturer of these discs?


I wouldn’t call that mediocre. That’s pretty darn good going by the BenQ scan; what speed was it burned at?


Wealth Fair Investment.


Are they cheap? JVC DVD-RAM and Blu-ray media are expensive. :slight_smile:


£6.25 in the uk


that means a little more than 9 €


They were $9.99 for 30 discs at Fry’s Electronics, Palo Alto, CA. Marked down from $29.99. Newer 50-packs are sold at the regular price of $19.99. Not the cheapest media around, and pretty expensive considering its quality, so I won’t be buying any more of it.


That was burned by LG GSA-4163B at 4x.

Here comes a coaster made by BenQ DW1620. Time to return them. No more JVC media for me :Z


Thanks agent009 ! I’ve also seen these discs and was wondering who the manufactuer was.

Sidenote: I also noticed JVC 8x DVD-R, made in Malaysia.
It will be interesting to find out the MID on those discs as well.
Edit: Possible MID here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=138122


Looks like it’s Wealth Fair Investment Ltd., based in Hong Kong. An unconventional choice by JVC.