JVC Archivial Grade (TYG03)

here’s the scan of a new JVC DVD-R Archivial Grade TYG03.

Results left me puzzled .

I tought taiyo yuden should be the best media on the market , but from this scan i don’t know what to think.

DVD was burned on a Optiarc AD-7240S at 12x and scanned on the same device at max read speed . Scanning at lower speed don’t shange much in terms of PIE errors (PIF are slightly lower) .
Scan was made on Sum8 .

What do u think ? Bad media ? Or bad burner ? i had similar results using also a SH-222A , so i don’t think is the burner’s fault .

How if you burn using 4x speed then scan using 4x too.

  1. Scans should be made at Sum1 whenever possible.
  2. The SH-222A (Samsung?) is, like all 22x Samsung burners, not the best in terms of burning quality.
  3. Optiarcs are known to report a lot of PIE. Have you tried scanning in a LiteOn burner?

This media burns quite well on my AD-7240S. As kg_evilboy said, you might try a different scanner. Any of the newer Lite-On burners with a Mediatek-based chipset should be fine.

JVC Archival Grade 16x TYG03 (MIJ)
AD-7240S 1.04
Burned at 12x

Could you burn again with AD-7240S using 4x speed then scan with Lite-on ?


Here you go…