JVC 8x DVD-R 5 pack

JVC has updated the media section of its US website with some 8x media:

Only one online shop has it for sale, that I can determine:

Given that the JVC 8x discs that are bundled with the US DVR-A07XL are TYG02, I’m betting these are as well.

LOL, you can get G02 and T02 for 1/3 that price in bulk.


Damn it they just dropped the price 10$ since i ordered them tuesday! :a

yes these are T02s

Uh, I am quite aware of acca and rima selling TYG02 in bulk; however not everyone wants to drop $50 to buy 50 discs at once. Some may want to sample the media first, and the JVC pack would be a good way to do so.

Yes, the 50ct came down too, they must be selling a lot of them.