JVC 4x DVD-R media, really T.Y. or Maxell?

Has anyone ever tried JVC brand DVD-R media?
Can find very little info on JVC DVD-R.
Ecost has 30 packs for $22.99 and I would like to know if it could be T.Y. or Maxell from Japan, both favorites of mine. I ask because T.Y. and Maxell used to make the JVC DVD-Rs.

Any info on JVC Mfg. Part No: VDR47DU30 or VDR47DU5. Where are they made and what is their media code?

I may try some next time I need some if they pan out to be Maxell or T.Y., JVC could be a lower cost source for top quality dvd-r media.

Right now I have about 75 fujis, maxells, and ridata G04 to go through first.

If you go here: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia and plug in JVC and DVD-R you get two medias. One is a 2X Maxell media code MXL RG01… The other is an 8X T.Y media code TYG02… There may be others which are not posted. Maybe someone else will see this post who is more familiar with JVC media. But in the meantime you might want to look at that site for yourself.

Yes, I have been to videohelp and the DVD Media section has been a big help to me in the past for reviewing the brands and types, but they seem to have very little to tie the supply of JVC DVD-R at ecost to anything listed so far on videohelp. Hopefully someone here may have used JVC DVD-R even if they aren’t in the USA, I would still like to here more on JVC reliability.

I have a few JVC 4x DVD-Rs that came in jewel cases packaged in 5-packs and they are Taiyo Yuden TYG01s. :slight_smile:



When did you purchase them, just recently?
Does the 5 pack in Australia look identical to VDR47DU5 at the following link?

I have decided to try a JVC 30 pack (VDR47DU30) of 4x DVD-Rs from ecost even though I have more than enough for the summer rerun season here in North America and about 150 Maxell RAMs some 25 sealed in a box.

I had to buy one maxell for $2.04 to get up to the $25 free shipping offer, all in all if the JVCs are T.Y. they will be arourd 93 cents each. E-cost charges $3.95 fee for handling that brings the total to $28.98 U. S. with shipping.

I will post again here after I receive and run dvdinden. on them.

I really hope they are T.Y. or MXLs.

Oh well, we’ll find out soon enough won’t we???

Okay, now I have more than enough blank media??? :iagree:

G’day 4packsadvd,

Just came back from a little shopping trip and I saw plenty of JVC 4x 5-packs at JB Hi-Fi, where you can get them for AU$17.45 a pack. The packaging does not look like the packaging shown in the picture in the link.


I got 5 packs of TDK 4xDVD-R made by taiyo yuden for 16.88 at big W. I live in south australia btw.

They are the EXACT same ones as the dick smith ones. Good **** they are :slight_smile:

cd pirate,

Are you sure they’re TYG01 and not TTG01?

Anywayz, JB HiFi have 10-packs of these @ $28.50.


Just got the them from UPS, ran dvdiden. and they are ProdiscS03.

Will post more after I burn some.

Just ran some tests they seem similar to RIDATA G04 quality maybe slightly better. Burned at 4x no problems with nero 6 on LG 4081B. Played fine on Panasonic DMR-E10 and Panasonic RP82 players.
Will post the new JVC DVD-R media type to videohelp database. If you want the entire media code it will be there.