JVC 16x dvd-r taiyo yuden any good?



i have found packs of 50 JVC 16x dvd-r taiyo yuden for a reasonable price and just want to know are the JVC branded TY good quality and should they still be read/playable in years to come?

thank you




You don’t say what burner you have. This can make a tremendous difference in the answer.

I do not get good results with TYG03 media (in all inkjet printable flavors and at any burn speed) in either my BenQ1640 (no surprise) or my Sony Optiarc 7240S (others do). Any -R disks just don’t perform as well for me compared to +R disks.

I just purchased a Lite-On iHAS524 and a Samsung SH-S243N and will be testing the media out on them.

Taiyo Yuden uses excellent dyes in their manufacturing. A low PIE/PIF, smooth Transfer Rate Test scanned TY disk should last as long or longer than most any other consumer recordable disk. They are still my manufacturer of choice, though I will not be buying more 16x until I have a burner that can burn it along the lines of T02’s (DVD+R 8x) consistently.

Of course, your mileage may vary. You should go to the MyCE section that coressponds to the make and model of your DVD burner and look for examples of burns with that media. You will have your customized answer then.

Since results can be variable for each person and their DVD burner, be nice and let others know of a great buy.


its a panasonic home dvd recorder that i will be using them on



Your user manual should give you a general idea of the format of recordable DVD that the manufacturer says is usable.

The website and/or forum of the manufacturer may list the details of which precise DVD blank media that are acceptable.

Then there is MyCE’s dedicated forum thread for Panasonic DVD recorders found at http://club.myce.com/f106/. You might find the information you seek already there or make a new post on that thread with your questions. Make sure to include the make and model (and firmware if relevant) of your Panasonic so that you can get the proper feedback.

Last but not least, Google is your friend. Search on your make and model of Panasonic and the DVD blank media of interest.

Good luck.