Justlink and Firmware

Would firmware effect whether or not the Justling buffer underrun protection would work?? After changing firmware my nec nd6650 started making random coasters on multiple media types so I paid more attention to things during the burn process, eventually realized that Nero was not activating the Justlink buffer underrun prevention. Usually the 3rd or 4th line to pop up on the progress screen was “Justlink Activated” , now it’s not showing up. Double checked in the burner options menu and it is enabled.

Had previously been using Dell OEM 1.03d, then switched to Liggy’s 1.N0 bitsetting to try for better media support [for Ritek F16] but no improvement. Few days ago tried Liggy’s 1.43 bitsetting as it appears to be the “latest” release w/ bitsetting support. Soon after the coasters began to appear. All 3 list the same write strategies except for -R media [which I don’t use], but not sure how or if this would effect the Justlink feature.