Justice Department unveils international online piracy sweep



I just posted the article Justice Department unveils international online piracy sweep.

Nila and BadReligionPR used our news submit to tell us they have spotted this story in several locations around the Internet. The United States, along with several other…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8182-Justice-Department-unveils-international-online-piracy-sweep.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8182-Justice-Department-unveils-international-online-piracy-sweep.html)

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Doncha just hate self appointed archangels going around doing gods work…the LAST person I believe who heard the voice of god was Joan de Arc…frankly ashcroft ya don’t cut it…:X


Joan De Arc hey??? :p:d:p


So now they got arrested a few people and taken down some servers is this gonna stop piracy?? I dont think so 1 down 2 new ones pops up thats reality, It never can be stopped what they didt now is like once a year try to scare the warez scene. And that will work for like 1 or 2 weeks then the servers are back up and running buisness as usual. When does hollywood`s movie and music industry realise that there overprice there cd, Dvd, And there games and drop the prices simpel as that. Wich movie or music company have the balls to say well we sell this new album or movie for . Same with the game industy 49/60 euro a game and then bitching about that people coping theire games DUH!! 6 months after a game comes out it cost 15/20 euro of lesser why dont they sell it for that price in the 1st way?? Didt they ever thougt they would sell more if its cheaper,Before people now say he RDJ134 you have a nice dvd box with a bookwork and other crap you will only lookin once. Well i say then put it on the cd/dvd incl so i dont need al that fancy crap and lower some costs on that. Before the industry start to bitch they should plug their leaks who supplies release groups with the lastest stuff way before store dates. That are my toughts about this.
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Hopefully this will add to the pile of crap keeping us citizens from making the same mistake twice…in November…:wink:


Frankly, it’s not going to matter who is elected in November. Money begets money and power begets power. Bush is oil money; Kerry is married to the “Heinz” family. They are both part of the 2% that controls 70% of the wealth (or whatever the stats are). NEITHER are going to adequately represent the lower/middle class because they are getting greased by lobbyists. Truly, class separation is becoming more and more a reality in the US each day. I can go vote but I’ve NEVER seen my interests accurately represented in Washington.:d


Well on thing for sure. When the FBI finally puts everyone in jail they will have achieved something they haven’t been worth a tinkers damn at so far and that is separate us from the terrorists - hee hee!!!


They busted FLT so other groups maybe next.


Can you see How fascist BUSH Admins are ??? This MOTHER FUCKER BUSH , not only fucked U.S , but it’s pushing his fascist idea to other countries. You American people, shame on you if you Vote for this Ck Sucker this November. Fk BUSH AND ASS CRUCH


As I have heard they targeted FLT, Kalisto, Echelon, Class and Project-X. So seems they are also focusing on the console world (oh, that’s why we love M$ so much, eh ?:g) these days… Thought it’s just their hope to stop piracy this way. Selling games at a LOWER price would help MUCH more. And if talking about lower prices, 50 euro is NOT low enough for me. (and probably for most of us) regards, Stephen


Joan De Arc = A French sweetheart who was later cannonized (make a saint) by the church of France.