Justice department busts piracy ring

I just posted the article Justice department busts piracy ring.

 DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us that Justice 

department has busted a three members of global piracy ring. The three members
of the global computer piracy ring admitted to…

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There is an imbalance in the judicial system when people who commit murder may receive more lenient sentences than people who copy music or grow mushrooms for personal use.:frowning:

its truly amazing isnt it. The guy who was responsible for the blast in australia that killed over 200 ppl, got 30 months in jail. But if you dl a song… 5-6 years!


Well it sure is great news. We live in a country with crack hoes on every friggen block, kids carrying guns to school, a friggen war that is going to cost us a billion dollars, gas over 2 bucks a gallon, millions of people without healthcare, shit wages, an ex congressman heading the MPAA, a national highway systems that is becoming a country long traffic jam, a serial killer that no one can catch for 30 years and the solution to our problems is “go bust some pirates”. Your tax dollars at work folks. I am so friggen glad we have focus on what is important in the good old USA.

Nice comment, but I am sure that it is just the same in other countries aswell, you know money talks.:c regards, Stephen

“Three members of a global computer piracy ring admitted Thursday they shuttled millions of dollars in computer games, movies and software around the world through a coded system of Web sites and chat rooms.” Probably MPAA/RIAA-speak for p2p networks.

Well rla, I did mention earlier that in the sea of life “merka” will always be known as the turd that floated by, but yer not by yourself robinson, here prostitution is spreading to the burbs and generally unchecked, Why??, because its been but in the “too hard” basket by the constabulary ( along with drugs and pushers)…as this is their course of action, I expect, as piracy becomes pandemic, the law will also put it in the “to hard” basket…sit back, chill, watch…:X

Can we have a source on this article? I can’t find it anywhere besides here.

what group was it?

Source is always listed at the top of the article. The source link is clearly posted: Yahoo.com
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Great more scumbags bite the dust. I hope these theives get burned badly… A theif is a theif no matter how you look at it.

If you gonna steal something, make sure it`s not from rich people in the US.

And speaking of thieves tinku…when was the last time someone at your favoirite recording company or movie production company went to prison for ripping of artists on their royalties? Or for payola …or for “trade outs”…or for running independents out of business. I guess the RIAA and MPAA are friggen angels right? Gimme a break. This whole scenereo is about the industry buying legislation and then whining that the legislation they bought isn’t being enforced. If these “theives” were bootlegging in any other industry in the world do you think they would be subject to the wrath that has come through years of strategic manipulation of legislation. This is an inductry whos only real contributions to society are about entertainment and fun? I have never seen a situation where one industry demands so much attention, puts so much burden on governmental resourses and uses the system to do nothing more but protect its own profits. I wish the govenrnment would put as much effort into auditing the indutries books. If that would happen there would probably be a real change of focus. I wonder who we would be calling thieves then.
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“A theif is a theif no matter how you look at it.”…I before the E except after C…you playskool dropout…:X

I’m just wondering whether tinku is wolverine incarnated? Remote possibility? Whatever happens to that wolverine kid? Does anyone know what happen to him? I miss him - wolverine does provide some form of comic relief once in a while - can’t say the same for tinku though…:B
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Oh please, icepax, don’t remind us of wolfboy. Heh, maybe he got busted for downloading an mp3 and is serving a few years in prison. I don’t think most of us mind the ocassional devil’s advocate who possesses a bit of eloquence, but what would they be doing on cdfreaks anyway!?

clever boy sherrif, icepax, wolverine haha you seem to read too many comics, not being a native english speaker means i often make mistakes but not as many as most native speakers… you understand the point though from your comments. which means you must have an iq of more than 1 great…:B

rla, this isnt about recording companies its about a software pirate ring, if recording companies get busted i will be the first on the flame them to death and i dont have a favourite one i press the fast forward button I do agree with a lot of what you have to say about auditing the indutries, but its never going to happen. pirate rings make a lot of money, more than i make working everyday and buying my origional movies and apps if you cant afford it dont buy it but also dont expect something for nothing.