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Hello everybody !

I wanted a fine dvd recorder for X2 burning so i took the LG 4163B. The LG Site claim that the writer can write X2 but unfortunately it wrote on X4 and up on 3 kinds of medias (Memorex, SilverLine, and even LG - all are 1x-8x).

I replaced it to a Sony DW-A28Q - same problem.

The store manager told me i can get a NEC 3450A instead of the Sony, but I don’t see any reason to do so since it burns at X4 and up.

Please, can anyone help me with that ?

I have no idea what this is asking.

You want a burner that can only burn at 2x? Not going to happen, if you buy a brand new burner. There’s nothing wrong with 4x and up. If you want a slower one, your best bet is probably eBay.

And please, number followed by little x, not big X followed by number.

I just wanted a burner that can burn x2 and up, cause the new burners claim to burn x1-x16 but they burn x4 and up.

Almost there! 2x, not x2.

And yes, this is true, most new writers only have 4x as their slowest option, but this is in no way a bad thing. Slower does not mean better. It’s all about the media you have. 8x discs will, in most cases, burn best at 8x.

4x burners will produce the same quality as a 2x. below 4x is only reverted to for really bad disc, as the drive will change the laser strength and disc rotation to compensate. stick with a 4x or like tehGrue said go to ebay.

I can’t understand why anybody wants to burn DVD media at 2x. This will not give better results but burning at the media rated speed will.

On very few occassions is it necessary to lower the burn speed below the rated speed , which if it states 1x-8x is 8x.

If you’re able to get a burner from ebay that will burn at 2x there’s a very good chance that it won’t recognise the currently available media.

You can hack the firmware of the Q28A to allow 2x burning. But as the others have pointed out, there is no reason to want to do this.

This might help clear some things up:

well, that’s because my LG DV4941P DVD player and my Sony PlayStation2 made lots of probs with dvd-r that were burn on a pioneer burner.

anyways now with the new Sony it works great.

thanks for answering.