Just Wont Burn

I have an HP 2.5P4 and the Burner that came with suddenly stopped responding like it did before, but kept reading, so I bought another burner thinking the burning part gave up. Well the Sony one I bought doesn’t do any better. Thus I think it has to have something to do with my computer, but I don’t have a clue. Usually when a piece of hardware isn’t recognized, grab the latest drivers, but they say this Sony doesn’t need it. Like I said, the burning is the only thing that doesn’t seem to function. Roxio doesnt see a burner, Nero writes something and then errors out prior to finishing, Sonic locks up and DVD X Copy reads the movie, but then doesn’t see the media. Believe me, I have several brands of media…tried that…Thanks for any help you provide or if you can send me to the right place…Tony lokotony@yahoo.com

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