Just wondering

I just wanted to know how people become Moderators, Administrators etc on this site. Is it based on the number of Replies done by that person ? Who is the main person who started this site. please let me know. the site itself is great.

The rules answer that question actually.

Becoming a moderator depends on the effort and expertise of a person. We have grown from a small community to a large community with forums on various technical matters. For each of the forums we try to get a moderator that has proven himself (or herself) a real expert in that particular field of expertise.

Of course we are on the constant lookout and keep an eye on users who show themselves to be an expert in a certain field. When we are in need of a moderator for a particular forum we will contact the person we feel is best suited for the job. It is not common practice for people to apply for such a position, mostly because we go by what they have already shown, rather than what people tell us they can do.

Of course we expect moderators to be able to spend a certain amount of time on this forum (which doesn’t necessarily mean a certain amount of hourse each day, but it does mean they have to check in here regularly). And perhaps most important, they know, accept and know how to uphold the rules that apply to this forum, it is moderators (and administrators even more) who have to set the example.

So it is a matter of both the need for a particular moderator combined with the proven expertise of a person.

As for your question regarding the history of CD Freaks:
ZiSE and Domin8tor are the founders of what is now known as CD Freaks. The were joined by TheDuke who setup the current layout of the mainpage. MP|3 is more a person who participates behind the scenes.

The forum started a long time ago with the help of Ruff-Next_Gangsta, Sies, Mattel007 (probably forgetting a few here, but these are the ones I can remember). A little while later Redneck joined the team of moderators, as well as I.

Due to some changes in policy a different course was set and some left, others joined. Today we have a very good team, very expert and knowledgeable, always trying their best to help others.

All this is done on a voluntary basis, noone is getting paid for this and noone is making money out of this site (in fact, it still costs money to keep this site running). But, with all the experts in our team of moderators/administrators, this site would be nothing without its visitors.

That is why we try our best to help you as best as we can, so you keep coming here and feel at home. The site is as good and as great as its visitors, so it is actually you that made this site to what it is today. So my thanks go out to you, the users of this site.

Thanks and please check in here as much as you want!