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I have been going through this forum over and over and well I am new to the whole program and, to be quite honest, very unfamiliar with alot of the technical terms used lol. So, I guess, I am what you would call a n00b. That being said, I have noticed on here that when ppl ask for certain help there are ppl very quick to get frustrated at posts that seem unimportant to them and I can understand that b/c it must get annoying to have ppl like me come in with the same questions day after day. I am wondering if it is possible for a thread to be “STUCK” that contains step by step AnyDVD instructions for ppl like me. When you are unfamiliar with a program and want help from those whom are wiser with it than you are, we truly dont want to post just to have someone to be rude or sarcastic in any way to us. We are all here for the same things and that is to help others and learn new things I would think. Now I am a n00b and am asking for help with AnyDVD b/c I bought a movie for my kids and wish to back it up but am a total moron when it comes to figuring it out. Would love someone with patience to help :o Thank you in advance :iagree: :clap:



First, Anydvd doesn’t burn. It’s a driver that runs in the background and decrypts.

As a result of my being lazy, I’m just going to post some links, and you can read through them.

Read how to make a backup with Clonedvd2/Anydvd here:


Read how to make a double layer backup with Clonecd/Anydvd:


Read the best way to rip with Anydvd if you want to use other third party programs here:




Thank you very much for your help. I do not consider it laziness lol you helped and your steps were very easy to follow BUT i have run in to a bit of a bump:( Apparently this dvd is copyright preotected. Soooo CloneDVD wont let me copy it. It is legal for me to copy it … how do i get around that? And just so you know I followed ALL of your steps to the letter lol Thank you again for your help and I am looking forward to more from anyone who wants to share:$:$


You use a decrypter.


also use anydvd, you do have it running?


Hi - to put it simply :slight_smile: :

The “technical term” decrypting means undoing the copy protection.

AnyDVD is the program that can decrypt.

CloneDVD is the program that can copy.

AnyDVD must be running (little red fox in your system tray) for CloneDVD to be able to copy a protected disc.